Our first guild was forged in Elder Scrolls Online, where the benefit of integrated voice chat made it exceptionally easy to get to know each other, group, get help, and generally have a good time with each other. It’s a feature we’d rather never do without again, both in our games and our community. Plenty of other voice servers offer some of what we want to bridge the gap from games that don’t have integrated voice or even from members of the community that aren’t actively playing in one of our guilds, but there’s only one so far that gives us EVERYTHING we’re looking for.

Enter Discord. Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. The Discord app is downloadable on the Android & iOS market for free, a desktop application for both PC & Mac, and works in browser as well. It integrates voice and text chat in one easy interface. To register and join Dethroned’s unlimited server, click here

When registering, user your psn/gamertag, or your forum name as your username. Once you join our server, the choice is yours how you chat with us!

To join text chat, simply click the room you’d like to join on the sidebar! Some rooms have specific privileges, such as Guild_Crafters, but you’ll always find a few of us banging around in Public_Chat

To join us in voice chat, simply plug a headset into your computer or phone (any headset with a mic, such as the Apple earbuds, will work) and click any of the chat rooms.

You can manage any of your own settings (such as Push-to-Talk and mic sensitivity) and notifications via the gear button in the app, and even mute specific users. You can be active in voice chat and maintain a text conversation in one of our rooms at the same time! You can also view the members of each server and their profiles, and send direct messages.

The rules for our Discord community reflect those of Dethroned’s community overall, of course. That is, generally – be respectful and human towards each other. If you have a specific issue with another member in chat, please reach out to an Officer of the community and we will do our best to resolve it for you.

Hope to see you there, and happy chatting!

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